Modular stands

Modular stands 2.50 m high, composed of a gray aluminum structure (poles, stiffeners) and a filling of wood particle panels coated on both sides with melamine decorative paper.

Several melamine colors: light beech, pear, white and gray.

This melamine filling can be replaced by other supports such as :
– Transparent polycarbonate divider
– PVC perforated or covered with repositionable tape.

Options and accessories

– Needled carpet
– 40 W LED bar
– Flag sign
– Headband sign
– Storage room with a lockable door
– Covering in brushed cotton…

Wooden dividers

Dividers composed of wooden panels consisting of a cardboard honeycomb inserted in a pine frame, the whole is covered with two M.D.F panels 2.50 m high.
Several possible coverings:
– M1 brushed cotton
(63 colors, different weight)
– Printed tarpaulin
– Extandex…

These wooden dividers are modular.

OSB dividers

OSB dividers, 22mm thick, adjustable in height and width.
Leave it uncovered for a natural look.

Frame system stands

Lightweight and modular aluminum frame system.
Several possible coverings:
– Rigid PVC panel, printed or not, fixing with hook-and-loop fasteners on the frames
– Fabrics printed by sublimation, which ensures an incomparable rendering of colors, fixing in the frame with silicone bands.
These frames are assembled very quickly without tools. They offer various
accessories (shelves, flat screen, lighting, curved frame, light box, doors with digital lock, etc.).

Custom stands

Eventek can imagine, design and build stands specially designed for you. The tailor-made stand can meet all the requirements of your specifications (originality, design, graphic charter, etc.) and allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The diversity of materials, shapes and layouts contribute to the success of this unique creation.

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